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Accidents in Public/Private Place

If you had an accident, in a public or private place, such as a slip, trip or fall in the past two years which resulted in a personal injury, you may be entitled to compensation for that injury and you can enquire by filling out our online enquiry form or phone us on our free phone number 1800 343404.

Types of Injury:

Many accidents occur in public places such as Supermarkets, streets, roads, footpaths, parks, shopping centres and play grounds, People may trip on wet or damaged floors. They may slip on foodstuffs. They may trip over faulty uneven, damaged or poorly maintained footpaths or roads. They may be hit by falling objects such as signs or pieces of scaffolding.

Property owners, whether they are private individuals, companies or Local Authorities owe a duty of care to keep their properties in a reasonable and safe condition and many owners carry insurance against such accidents on their properties.

If they fail in their responsibility towards your safety and neglect their duty of care to you to keep their property in a safe condition and you suffer injury as a result of their negligence, you may be entitled to claim for compensation

Following an accident involving a slip, trip or fall causing an injury to you then you should report the accident to the property owner or the person in charge of the premises.  If it is in a public place you should notify the Local Authority immediately or at least report it to the Gardai.

If possible try to take a photograph of the location where the accident took place.

If there are any witnesses who saw the accident, obtain their name, address and contact details.  If you have been injured go to your Doctor or Hospital. If you have suffered an injury you need to take advice from us as soon as possible on whether or not you are entitled to claim for compensation for your injuries and how to proceed with your claim. 

  • We will need to establish if the owner or occupier of the premises or Local Authority caused or created the unsafe or dangerous place
  • We may need to establish if the person or institution knew or ought to have known of the danger but did nothing about it.
  • We may need to show that the owner or occupier knew or should have known of the danger because any other reasonable person taking care of the property would have discovered it, removed it or repaired it.
  • We will need to establish what steps the owner or occupier took to keep the property safe.  Examples of this would be to put up warning signs if there is a spillage or placing a barrier near the hazard to warn passersby.

If you would like to find out if you are entitled to make a claim for compensation please contact us by filling out our online enquiry form or phone us on our free phone number 1800 343404.

Irish solicitors may not calculate fees or other charges in contentious business as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement nor is it our practice to do so.